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“He was there for the happy times, the sad times, good and bad times, a solid friend all the way. I can't remember my life when Jim wasn't in it.”

Nancy Sinatra

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Jim Mahoney

I've been told I should write a book so I have been busy at work. 

I am so happy to have the e-book ready for you for the Holidays!

Click on the link above to purchase my e-book version today! 

Printed versions will be out in time for my 95th in February! 

Thank you to everyone! 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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"Jim and I go way back, starting our careers about the same time with him at MGM and me at Fox. Over the years we’ve had many a laugh both on and off the golf course, and I dearly cherish the times spent with he and his lovely wife Patty. Jim is from the old school that you that you go to the grave with your stories, so we’re lucky that he’s decided to let us in on what he’s kept close to the vest for all these years. Jim managed and guided the careers of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and he always handled himself with integrity, style and professionalism. Bottom line, Jim’s a class act! I consider Jim one of my closest friends, I’ve heard many of these stories personally, and I know you’ll enjoy this book."
- Robert Wagner -
"My father, Eddie Fisher, and my mother, Debbie Reynolds, were both represented by Jim Mahoney during some of the most important times in their lives. Jim was a fixture around the Greenway house where my sister and I grew up. Early on Carrie and I did not know exactly what Jim did exactly. You see we have several friends of the family that our parents worked with that came to be known as Aunt Agnes (Agnes Moorehead ) or Uncle Jim (Jim Mahoney). We later learned from our mother that when she first stepped foot on the MGM lot it was Jim Mahoney from the PR department that showed her around. When my dad was at the top of the recording charts with big contracts from companies like Coca Cola, Jim Mahoney was guiding his publicity. Then there was the friend of the family Jim Mahoney who was there to offer guidance and support for both when my parents separated and divorced. You see the Eddie ,Debbie, Liz Burton breakup was probably the most infamous divorce in history. Mr. Mahoney even touched my sister Carrie’s professional life when he was asked by then Fox Studios boss Alan Ladd Jr. to do some initial publicity on this new sci-fi movie that they were shooting in England called “Star Wars.” These stories and many more are part of this terrific memoir by a great story teller and friend. A unique perspective on what was behind the curtain during the Golden Age of Hollywood."
- Todd Fisher -
“Jim Mahoney became my publicist around the time I was doing comedy albums in the mid-60’s, and that union lasted for over 30 years. Our families became fast friends, our kids went to the same grammar school, and we went on numerous summer vacations together. Jim represented the top entertainers in town, and was front and center on some of some of Hollywood’s more colorful incidents. I would say to Jim, I understand that Frank (Sinatra) George C. (Scott) and Lee (Marvin) sometimes don't want their names in the newspapers and you bury those articles late on Friday hoping they will blow over, but Jim, I'm like trying to get my name in the newspapers know. Jim's behind-the-scenes stories are a fun read about the biggest stars in Hollywood’s golden age.”
- Bob Newhart -
"Jim Mahoney is a prominent and permanent part of the tapestry that makes up one of Hollywood’s most glamorous periods. Great studios, brilliant stars, dramas, musicals, all at a time when picture-making, at least in retrospect, was great fun. In the Hollywood of those days, everyone knew and respected Jim as a man who could be trusted and always knew how to make things work. His clients loved him, and even musicians in the far-off music department revered him. I’m delighted that this book will celebrate a man who was such a vital part of the filmmaking that contributed so much our country’s cultural life."
- John Williams -
"Jim Mahoney has been a personal friend and business colleague of mine for over thirty years. During that time our paths have crossed many times with him representing some of Hollywood’s elite and me being the publisher and editor of the Hollywood Reporter. Nobody can spin a celebrity story quite like Jim, and I’m so happy that he’s finally taken some friendly advice and put them down for others to enjoy as well. “Get Mahoney!” is fun romp through old Hollywood, with names that you’ll recognize and untold stories that makes this book hard to put down."
- Robert Dowling -

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